Terms and conditions


Article 1

Ownership of the Site and premises

These General Contract and Supply Terms and Conditions, drawn up in accordance with Legislative Decree no. 70/2003 and Legislative Decree 206/2005, regulate the sales services on the website www.lagabbiastreetshop.com and are stipulated between the individual company "La Gabbia" of Ezio Fedele (henceforth also " Company "), P. VAT: 04372820409, cod. tax and no. sign up Company register: FDLZEI94C10L418E, with registered office in Bellaria Igea Marina in via Torre 16, e-mail: lagabbiastreetshop@gmail.com, and the person (from now also called "User") who consults the pages of the website https:// la-gabbia-street-shop.myshopify.com/ or www.lagabbiastreetshop.com (hereinafter: " Site ") and which uses the services of purchasing products electronically made available on the same.

The Company and the User jointly understood are also called " Parties ".

The Site is managed by the individual company “La Gabbia” of Ezio Fedele and allows the purchase of the products marketed by the company.

These Terms and Conditions are binding between the parties indicated above and apply to all Users who purchase one or more products offered on this Site.

Users who use the Services offered on this Site affirm that they know and accept these Terms and Conditions, declaring, under their sole responsibility, that they are at least 18 years old.

With the exception of mandatory legislation, for the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, the User accepts that all contracts, notifications, information and other communications provided in electronic form satisfy the requirement of being in writing, when required by law.

Article 2

Object of the contract

The contract regulates and has as its object the sale of the products offered on the Site.

These Terms and Conditions bind the Parties and have as their object the purchase of the products offered for sale on the Site.

The Company offers for sale through the Site clothing products and accessories of various kinds such as " Streetwear " for men, as well as products for drawing and creating graffiti, skateboards and spare accessories, fertilizer products and grinders.

Article 3


The prices on the Site they are clearly indicated and include VAT.

In case of purchases under €100.00, shipping costs will be added to the prices as displayed on the site.

For purchases over €100.00 shipping costs are included.

Prices may vary over time, but will not affect the price charged to the User at the time of purchase, nor will they give rise to any new rights on prices for the User.

The exception to the above point is cases in which the prices entered are disproportionate to the normal market value as a result of material errors.

Article 4

Purchase methods

The User to purchase the products referred to in the art. 2, you will have to add the chosen products to the cart, then you will have to enter your data for shipping the ordered products, accepting these Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy of the Site and making the payment within the terms set out therein.

Payment will be made in a single payment using the methods present on the Site, including payment on delivery, payment via PayPal, Google Pay and Shop Pay, also via debit or credit card.

If the User chooses to pay by credit card, this circumstance is subject to verification that the issuing bank is authorized for online purchases.

The payment procedure is to be considered as a purchase proposal.

The purchase will be considered completed upon receipt of a specific e-mail to the address provided by the User during the purchase.

In case of problems with the purchase procedure and/or errors in filling in the data, the User can write to the e-mail address lagabbiastreetshop@gmail.com. The Company will verify compliance with the procedures referred to in the previous points and, in the absence of justified reasons, will complete the purchase.

In case of errors in the compilation, they must be communicated within 24 hours of payment, in order to allow the Company to modify the order according to the correction requests made by the User.

The concluded and finalized purchase contracts will be stored electronically on special devices owned by the Company.

Article 5

Conditions of sale and use of the Site

The purchase by the User implies full knowledge and acceptance by the User of these Terms and Conditions.

There will be no commitment between the User and the Company, and therefore no purchase contract can be considered concluded , in the event that errors or evident and recognizable inaccuracies, such as - by way of example but not limited to - errors or inaccuracies relating to the User's data (including the address indicated for delivery) or relating to the identification and/or selection of the Products and/or relative quantities and/or relative price.

Before shipping, the Company reserves the right to verify the correctness of the prices of the Products added to the cart and ordered by the User and, in the event of an error in the prices, reserves the right to cancel the order .

Furthermore, in the event of delivery difficulties at the address indicated for delivery, the User will be advised to make direct contact and find an alternative method of delivery of the Product or to obtain a full refund of the amounts paid.

The User undertakes to indemnify the Company and its suppliers from any loss, damage, liability, negative consequence or expense in any way connected to claims against the User due to the fact that the latter has in any way used materials on the Site, in violation of any applicable legislation, the rights of third parties or the terms of these Terms and Conditions.

The User is solely and exclusively responsible for any consequence (legal or non-legal) that may derive from the improper use of the products sold by the Company. No grievance, charge of liability or request for compensation can be made by the User to the Company and its suppliers as a result of the service offered.

The Company guarantees that the products delivered meet the legal requirements of use, reliability and durability.

The User undertakes to check the product or products once received and, in the event of one or more products not conforming to the order placed, the User must inform the Company via the e-mail lagabbiastreetshop@gmail.com within 14 days from the date of receipt of the order.

Article 6

Shipping of orders

The products will be shipped within a maximum of 1 working day from the date of purchase, with "ordinary" shipping.

Shipments will be managed by carriers contacted through the platform https://www.paccofacile.it/spedire-facile.

In case of purchases under €100.00, shipping costs will be added to the prices as displayed on the site.

For purchases over €100.00 shipping costs are included.

Article 7

Right of withdrawal

The Parties jointly agree on the absence of any right of withdrawal in the event that the User is not a consumer.

The User-consumer can exercise the right of withdrawal within 14 days from the date of purchase by writing to the following e-mail lagabbiastreetshop@gmail.com.

The User declares to waive the right of withdrawal with regard to the purchase of tailor-made or clearly personalized products once the payment has been made and production has begun, as governed by art. 59 lett. c of d. lgs. n. 206 of 2005.

In all other cases, in order to exercise the right of withdrawal, the relative communication must be sent before the expiry of the 14-day period.

In the event that the User has chosen to have the Products requested in a single Order delivered in several shipments, the deadline for exercising the withdrawal will start with the delivery of the last Product.

Within 14 days following the date of communication of the withdrawal, the User must return the product by registered post or with traceable shipping to the address indicated by the Company.

The User bears the shipping costs resulting from the withdrawal.

Once the Product has been received by the Company, the same will proceed with the refund using the payment method chosen by the User at the time of the Order.

Finally, it should be noted that the User does not have the right to withdraw in the following cases:

  • the delivered products have been exposed to abnormal circumstances;

  • the buyer has not used the product prudently and carefully;

  • the purchaser in wearing the clothing purchased, wears the same for periods of time longer than the equivalent of a simple fitting in the dressing room;

  • the occurrence of circumstances not dependent on the Company, such as damage resulting from force majeure or caused by the carrier during transport.

Article 8

Company obligations

The Company is not responsible for any damage that is not an immediate and direct consequence of the breach of contract.

The Company is in no way responsible for the fulfillment of the obligations of third parties who may offer commercial guarantees in relation to the products for sale on the Site.

The Company reserves the right to prevent access to the Site, in case of violation of the applicable legal provisions and/or violation of these Terms and Conditions.

Furthermore, the Company is not responsible in the event of delays or breaches of contractual obligations, nor in the event of delays, disservices or suspensions of the Site if one or more of these problems derive from unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure.

(Among the causes that could lead to suspension, delay or in any case breach of contractual obligations, for which the Company does not fall under the responsibility, the following causes are listed by way of example and NOT exhaustively: malfunction of telephone and/or electricity lines and/or the internet; malfunctioning of software, hardware and/or hosting services; interruptions and/or suspensions due to provisions of the law, even of an exceptional nature or by acts of Italian or foreign authorities; for tampering or interventions by third parties on services or equipment used by the Company during the production phase of the products; for incorrect use of the platform by Users; malfunctioning of the connection devices used by Users; non-compliance and/or obsolescence of equipment or programs used by Users; for malfunctioning services, loss of data, accidental disclosure of personal or sensitive data not attributable to the conduct of the Company, and any other type of damage occurring as a result of attacks by computer pirates, thieves, hackers and/or viruses).

Article 9

Privacy policy

For information and regulations relating to the processing of personal data by the Company, please refer to the page on the privacy information, present at the foot of the home page of the Site.

Article 10

Language, Applicable Law, Dispute Resolution and Jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions are written in Italian.

Without prejudice to the rights due to Consumers, the Court of Rimini will have exclusive jurisdiction for any dispute.

The User/Consumer habitually resident in the European Union can benefit from the additional protections provided for by the mandatory regulations of the country of residence.

The User/Consumer has at his disposal a platform, set up by the European Commission, for the resolution of online disputes, which can be accessed via the following link: https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/ .

Article 11

Links to external websites

The links and links to external sites made available by the Company are for information only.

No responsibility can be attributed to the Company regarding the use of external sites.

The inclusion of external links does not imply any connection with them, nor any responsibility for the correct processing of data according to the privacy legislation or any other information provided by the User/Client to external websites.

Article 12

Duration and modifications

These Terms and Conditions will remain valid and effective as long as they are not modified and/or integrated by the Company.

Any changes to these Terms and Conditions will take effect and become binding for the User from the moment of publication on the Site and will apply to sales made from that date.

Changes to these Terms and Conditions, arising from regulatory needs and/or updates, will be published on the Site in order to inform the User.

Article 13

Final provisions

The clauses that for whatever reason are to be considered wholly or partially null and/or ineffective, do not affect the remaining provisions of this contract, which will remain valid and effective between the parties.

The Company may at any time and without notice deactivate the User's access to the Site or suspend the sale of products, if the same does not comply with one or more of these contractual clauses or voluntarily violates, with incorrect conduct, this agreement, without that the User can claim damages and/or compensation of any kind and/or refund of sums.

In the event of breach by the User of this contract, failure by the Company to act does not in any case represent a waiver of action.

Article 14

Communications and Complaints

All communications and/or any complaints from the Customer against the Company must be sent to the e-mail address: lagabbiastreetshop@gmail.com .